Posted by Veronika Bakhova

With one year ending and a new one about to begin

With one year ending and a new one about to begin, we here at Leutenegger have embraced the opportunity that this time of year provides us by seeing in the new year with a new look, a recommitment to the things that make us who we are and a whole bundle of new and exciting collaborations.

Leutenegger was established in 1891 by Jacques Leutenegger. Jacques came to Australia from Switzerland and saw here an opportunity to support the Australian creative community by sourcing and supplying quality haberdashery goods. The same thing that drove Jacques 125 years ago still drives Leutenegger today.

While the Leutenegger family has given way to HGL Ltd, our commitment to supporting creatives here and abroad has not changed. In 2017 Leutenegger will take this commitment to supporting creatives further through collaborating with Australian Designers to bring you bold, exciting and uniquely Australian fabrics.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be exclusively offering Florence Broadhurst prints in high quality fabrics. This will provide creatives with a fabulous opportunity to take these iconic designs and create new and exciting designs with them.

We are also delighted to announce that Deirdre Bond Abel will also be joining the Leutenegger family in 2017. Deirdre’s passionate obsession with antique quilts provides the foundation for the quilt patterns and fabrics we will be launching in the coming months. As well as Deirdre, we will be continuing our wonderful partnership with acclaimed Australian quilter Michelle Marvig and introducing the fabulous Luccello brand.

We haven’t stopped there; we’ve also been working with our own team of in-house designers to create truly exceptional fabrics that will inspire the creative community.  In addition to our strong stable of Australian designers we will continue our partnership with Windham and Camelot. This partnership allows us to continue to bring the latest international designs straight to our clients.

As well as our fabric lines, we will be continuing to supply Australasia with quality products from DMC, Zweigart, Beutron, Prym and Evercare. Our own in-house brand will continue bringing contemporary crafts, new patterns and designs in 2017. At Leutenegger, we are committed to supporting and promoting the diverse Australian creative community and we strongly believe that one of the best ways we can do this is to do follow the guide set down by Jacques Leutenegger 125 years ago; find and source quality goods.

We strongly believe that the only way to build a strong and robust creative community is through collaboration at all levels. We will continue to work hard on supporting local and independent retailers, the backbone of the creative community. We’re enthusiastic to find new ways to help retailers engage with their customers and continue to share the joy of creating. We will also be collaborating with a diverse range of creatives to showcase our products, provide inspiration for retailers and shine the light on the amazing talent here in Australia and abroad.

To say we’re enthusiastic and brimming with excitement at the opportunities for 2017 here at Leutenegger would be an understatement! We’re standing at the brink of one of the most creatively abundant times of our company’s long history and we can’t wait to take the leap into 2017 with you.  Are you ready?