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Nova Vita Recycled Cotton Yarn - 119140-061


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80%Recycled Cotton/20% polyester

250g per ball/55m

4 x250grm balls

1 x Pack

NOVA VITA is a recycled cotton thread for home decoration. Thanks to this thread make pot caches, cushions, carpets, baskets, macramé, lampshades...DMC gives cotton a second life... a thread designed for the future of the planet. NOVA VITA is: falls of fabrics transformed, colored, to make a thread. A range of 24 colours, neutrals, pastels and trends for decoration! Features: 4mm thick tubular yarn - A strongyarn, easy to work with, softer and more flexible than the traditional cord- Crochet size 10/12mm, size needles knit 12mm Use: crochet, knitting, macramé, for decoration.

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