Riverbanks D426037 Coral


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Width 43"-44" (112cm-114cm)

100% Cotton

5 Metres

This collection was inspired by an early 1900Õs cottage owned by my husbandÕs family, nestled amongst Oak and Cedar trees along the banks of the Milwaukee River. My husband and I have loved this property for over 40 years, acquiring mementos from it along the way, such as a harvest table made by his grandfather and a ÒRiverbanksÓ sign painted by his cousin. Recently we were finally able to become the caretakers of this cottage full of memories, and this collection in turn was designed as a tribute to family and special holiday gatherings throughout the years. I am eager to share this glimpse into the past and hope it inspires your projects for modern day cottage living as well. 39 Skus

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